The Hog in Trough Game

The cost of living in most cities in our country is way beyond the reach of most Americans. The failings and corruption of government at all levels is out of control. The freedoms we once shared are no more. The reason why is simple and summarizes all those problems into one word . . . greed.

It's no secret that rewards (self-imposed) for upper management and executives are robbing wages from those below, to soak up the profits of every company across all industries. This is the root of the economic problem. Add to this the employment of offshore and illegal workers to replace Americans earning higher wages, the offshore hoarding of money by the wealthy to avoid taxes, and you have a win-win situation for companies and business owners to continue feeding their greed.

Greed for power in the political arena has never been more pronounced. Party juxtaposition and self-serving politics has destroyed any hope of compromise and problem solving in America. Unbeknownst to the people, the entire population is on the brink of embracing socialism and surrendering all freedoms to the state.

There is nothing in the foreseeable future to check or reverse this trend. It’s just going to continue to deteriorate until the economy and government becomes a black hole and implodes on itself. History has shown this same pattern time and time again. It is man’s greed and selfishness that is the destroyer of civilizations. This is usually based on the excessive desire for wealth or power, and often for both.

To say it is a natural evolution would be wrong, but accurate. The rise and fall cycle moves us forward in time, but back in social consciousness. We have seen the empires that man built, crumble over time, entirely caused by ethical decay. When will the masses of people realize this early enough to change? They haven’t in thousands of years, why should we assume this will ever happen? Each successive generation of humans dilutes the ethical consciousness to a smaller and smaller portion in man’s psyche. Just like the shrinking of the hypothalamus is destroying homo sapiens’ physical responses, ethical decay has reduced their conscience to the same levels.

The slow descent of ethics, and the elevation of greed will be the end of man. He is doomed to destroy himself from the inside out.


“I see in the future a crisis approaching that fills me with anxiety. As a result of the war, corporations have become enthroned, and an era of corruption in high places will follow. The money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its rule by preying upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is concentrated in a few hands and the Republic destroyed.”     - Abraham Lincoln

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The Rotting of Home Sapiens