Tell It Like It Is

Unless you have lived in a rabbit hole for the last several decades you should be painfully aware that the economic situation in the United States of America is in grave decay. Furthermore, the explanation for this decay is not some fancy economists complex calculation or tricky analytics, quite the contrary, it is as plain as the nose on your face. There are three primary factors destroying our economy and directly impacting the lives of middle class America, to which this country owes most of their liberties and livelihood.

First. Those who would possess the greatest wealth in America are those who support and control the euphemism of “The Global Economy”. A term promoted by the corporate mindset to hide the real definition “Offshoring” which results in sending trillions of U.S. dollars to foreign countries for cheap labor and making the executives of these companies skyrocketing profits. In return the majority of these huge piles of money are not used to reward employees of these unethical tyrants, but kept and hidden in offshore accounts away from prying eyes and “token” company accountants.

This practice has been going on for so long, and is so effective there is nothing these corporate rulers will not do to maintain their honey pot. Due to the effective selling of this idea and the masquerade of statistics, they have convinced our leaders in Washington that this is good for our economy, and they are buying it. Not much the people can do.

Second. Although the reports from the media (monitored and censored by HLS) tell us there are “roughly” 11 million illegal immigrants in this country, it is suspected that number to be well over 20 million today. Think about the government counting illegal aliens? This was probably done during the 2000 census, going door to door and “asking” if there are any illegal aliens living here. I’m sure they stepped forward to be counted. Any other means of counting that 11 million would be even less realistic.

It is no accident that the economy has been in decline since this number grows by the millions every year. The contributing side effects alone, to our social and economic state are too vast to measure. Keep in mind, the majority of illegal aliens have valid IDs (fake, of course), but not counted as illegal by the duped authorities. They work, get paid, send a huge portion of that money to their foreign cournty to pay for their friends and relatives to get here, and due to tax deductions, pay little or no taxes to support America. (Don’t forget to include all those “real” Americans doing the same thing) This is only going to worsen. Not much the people can do.

Lastly, but not leastly, misrepresentation. Our leaders, State Senators and Representatives in Washington D.C. do not represent the will of the people from their associated states. Let me say that fact again so you understand the problem sufficiently. The politicians do NOT listen to you. They are alleged to their party platform. Period. It’s kind of like when you are yourself, but when you get with a group of your peers, the group develops this “third personality” that takes over. Only not as powerful and dangerous as those we elected, of course.

The agenda for this group of leaders, and their concentrated efforts become things like gay marriage, abortion, gun control, and drugs (legal and illegal). They tend to social issues and shy away from economics, health, immigration, and other ills that impact the people and the country.

It is unknown what amount of money has been spent by our government to fight drugs, but I have no doubt that number (since the 60’s thru today) has to be enough to pay the entire national debt and then some. Lately, it is guns that has taken the stage, and eating up the tax payers wages. History has taught them nothing (remember prohibition?) In fifty years of fighting drugs, with zero effect, they haven’t learned anything about trying to ban and control, (no not drugs or guns), crime. There have always been bad people in the world and there always will be. Just like people who use drugs, people who will commit crimes are not going away. Attempting to control either is a futile waste of time and money. We can only react, after the fact. We can’t stop it when it rains. We just have to wait for the rain to stop, dry off, and go on with our lives. If you try to control the people of the world, all you get is death and destruction. (Just ask all those in history who have tried before).

Legalize all drugs and guns (just like alcohol) while actually enforcing the real criminal laws already established. The taxes from the legal sale of drugs would replace the money that was spent to prohibit them in the first place, and therefore double the effect. Can anyone guess how much money that would be, tossed back into the national budget? The collective effect of reduction of the money and manpower spent by every city in the United States used to fight drugs, illegal aliens, and spent on gun control efforts? This savings alone might keep many cities, counties, and states from going broke.

Can you imagine what Thomas Jefferson would say if he was in Washington today? Sure, the world has changed since his day, but our constitution hasn’t. Our values and ethics have decayed for generations because that’s how we have been “lead”. Crime pays. Values are forgotten. Good ethics and honesty go unrewarded. That’s not the fault of the people, that’s a fault of that “third personality”. How do you avoid that? . . . Break up the group.


“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it’s natural manure.”  - Thomas Jefferson

Economics 101