A New Beginning

I feel that most Americans today are relatively, happy and content with their personal lives. Most are honest and hard working. Most are respectful of others, and try to help others when possible. Most obey the laws of the land and have a good conscience. Most. But that relative adjective is steadily changing toward “few”.

Pull your head out from your hole and look around. Do you not see what the rest of us see? Liberty is dying. Freedom has given way to “political correctness”, minority groups, and 9 men in Washington. Civil wars are raging in half of the world. Islam and their terrorism is destined to destroy our civilization. Racism in America is on the rise. The economy is collapsing, Many Americans can’t find work because it is being sent to cheaper labor overseas. The only goods being exported from the United States is currency. The majority of Americans no longer trust or support the Federal Government due to corruption, and their failure to fix anything or even to identify anything that is broken to fix. Many states are on the brink of cessation due to Federal Government interference and its thirst for power and control. And this isn’t the worst of it.

There is also a subtle change in America that most of the people do not see. Average intelligence is shrinking. The affect of the mass media (almost entirely from television) and the acceleration of misinformation from the Internet is having a profound impact and making it difficult for the many to identify truth and reality. Our education system is failing miserably.

History and science have become passé and are no longer important to many Americans. They prefer to stay in their comfortable easy chairs and fantasize “Dancing with the Stars” or take off from work to go golfing, or to update their facebook pages. People have become social robots and are consumed by their selves and their storybook world.

They have sacrificed worthwhile life goals for fantasy dreams and are convinced it is reality and the right thing to do. They really don’t care what is happening outside their little shell and they don’t want to think about it. Everybody just wants more money and time to spend it.

Most people shy away from intellectual conversation about current events. They expect someone else to deal with that (like the federal government). Abortion, gun control, gay rights, racism, terrorism, foreign wars in Africa or the Middle East, these are issues they keep hearing about, but try their best to ignore. They think if they will remain neutral, and stay out of it, everything will be okay.

Well, the truth is, it’s not okay. Reality needs to be accepted, at some time, for everyone in America. It should be very obvious that soon, a terrorist, racist, or other evil person(s) will set off a nuclear weapon in a large American city. This is NOT a matter of if but a matter of when.

So, for those of you who continue on with your fairytale existence, and think America is great, and will always be here for you, be prepared for a sudden awakening that will scare you to death.

Oh, by the way, that “revolution” you should be planning, if you were to wake up, is going to be too late.


“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, will make violent revolution inevitable”

           - John F. Kennedy (1962)

It's Not Too Late . . . Yet