Fahrenheit 451

Those who are familiar with the classic story by Ray Bradbury, should know what happens when we try to censor knowledge. Only in the future version it isn’t books, but digital knowledge that is at stake. Today you can read about the actions of the rulers of foreign governments to filter and control any and all Internet content that, they fear, might cast them in a negative light to the people, or the world. They already ban certain content, that they decide, is unfit for the masses, and this filtering is becoming more tuned and pervasive as time goes by.

The United States Government will have complete and unlimited control of our Internet within the next few years. Once this is accomplished, a totalitarian police state will exist in America. There will be no mention of this in the media, there will be no shocking headlines or breaking news in any publication, it will just exist, and be realized only to those within the echelons of power, and a very small alert group of citizens.

It is a fact that our own government is “filtering” (the politically correct euphemism for censorship) selected content, that they alone decide, in the name of Homeland Security. This practice will only accelerate over time. When this is complete, then the terrorist will have won the war in America. Not by the force of their hand, but by our own complacency, ignorance and cowardice. Sadly, the majority of people in America have become docile and subservient to a degree never seen in world history. This is primarily due to the selfishness and greed running rampant in our society, and the careless attitude brought about by this sheer madness. Even the fall of Rome pales in comparison to the fate in which we are headed today.

I am completely astonished as to how so many people can be so gullible and fail to comprehend and recognize the level of corruption, the loss of freedoms, the invasion of privacy, and the uncontested power that our federal government holds over all of us, today.

I have actually heard people say, “I can’t believe there isn’t rioting in the streets, masses of people marching on Washington, and burnings going on in every city?” Where is everyone? Why are they hiding? What will it take for them to wake up to what is happening to their country?

It is very sad how so many Americans have lost their spirit to stand up and fight. They are so lazy and comfortable in their false, self-centered world that they have no will or even the desire to sacrifice anything, much less their lives, for the sake of our future survival.

You would expect all of us to want our children to live at least the same quality of life we experienced. Do we not understand this concept is in great jeopardy? At best, many of them suspect there could be a problem on the horizon, but they do everything they can to deny and ignore it.

There is a great falsehood thriving in this land, that assumes we are such a great and powerful nation, that no one can harm us, or threaten our sovereignty. I believe this to be true from outside forces, unfortunately, that is not the forces we need fear.


“A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take away everything you have.”    - Thomas Jefferson

                                                                                       graphic: xzabe.blogspot.com



The End of Free Speech